two halves make a whole

Suzy Valtsioti.

I write.

That’s wordy enough, right?

Actually, I have been writing for decades. There are a few books that I have written that are waiting to be published.

But they can’t be published if I don’t ‘put them out there’. Ya know?

Can’t seem to part with the manuscripts.

Yes. manuscipts…written down…pen and paper…that sort of thing…a writing method that is seriously heading towards extinction.

I decided to publish a book a short while back. I had a great time writing it. A diary novel of sorts, “The Red Book of Secrets”. It’s available everywhere online…

Actually the book was received very well. If that sounds awkward, rest assured that is the same as saying it was ‘well received’.

I must say that the response was heart warming. After all, the book was a bit unusual… I delved into the mind of a quirky character in depth. And I assumed a different style of writing in order to allow for the character’s personality to come across to the reader.

Truth be told…There were requests by many who read it for a sequel…something I am pondering.

There is a very creative production team that have this book on their list of potential projects for a TV series here in Greece…

So. You wonder…What’s with the blog?

My notebooks are full. I need a new place to fill with words, that’s all. It’s a wordgasm thing.

I am a native Long Island girl that left the USA in ’86 and I lived abroad ever since. I love every place I have ever lived in…including Lawn Guyland….