a look at mandragora

the controversial herb/root of lore

magical, mystical, mysterious.

said to resemble humans…

“…Varieties of psychoactive plants were used in such infusions. According to Dioscorides, and his commentator Matthiolus, one could “boil the root of mandrake in wine down to a third part, and preserve the decoction, of which they administer a cyathus (about a fluid ounce and a half), to produce sleep, and to allay severe pains of any part; and also before operations with the knife, or the application of the actual cautery, that the operation should not be felt.” Theophrastus and Dioscorides are thought to have been the the first to directly  mention the aphrodisiac and soporific properties of mandrake (Atropa mandragora). …”

from: The Cannabis infused Wine of Dionysus?

A root? A narcotic? A therapeutic remedy? A myth? A forbidden drug? From Ancient Greece to Harry Potter, the mandragora, or the ‘mandrake’ never ceases to stir the imagination.