a blog is born

Everyone is invited to a new blog that was just born.

be yourself.

It is a different type of blog that I just started because I feel that it is important to share certain ideas and echo certain sentiments.

It is brand new, just ‘out of the box’. It will be a simple blog…no wordy reads or lengthy rambles. Simple, photos, images, and very few words…just enough to ‘work’!

It is meant to be a blog to generate a smile, a sense of understanding and encouragement. It is also meant to remind us to be strong, resilient and most of all, ourselves.

Sometimes we need encouragement and help to overcome difficulties, pain, trauma or day to day stress. These can batter our strength, take the wind out of our sail and clip our wings. It causes us to easily lose sight of who we are and how strong we really are.

Small pieces of encouragement to be strong, to be ourselves and unique are always needed. Everyone needs a ‘go to’ for a smile or a lift.

So I invite you all to visit the blog, and feel free to follow me there as well!

I am always behind my writing desk and here at Culture Canapés!

Meanwhile, a shout out to all of my new friends here at the Culture Canapés Community!! I am honored with each one of your follows and likes.Truly a community of amazing people. Namaste. Thanks so much….

I am looking forward to growing Culture Canapés to a culture ‘feast’! Stay with us for the journey!

Photo by Timothy Paule II on Pexels.com