From Mythic Maps to 1001 Nights: 9 of Twitter’s Delightful Lit Bots by M. Lynx Qualey

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“There are a lot of bots. In 2018, a study estimated that bots post around 2/3rds of the links on Twitter. In 2019, a study suggested bots are acting more human. This May, a study found that nearly half the accounts tweeting about COVID-19 are probably bots.

Most bots are banal. Some bots are malicious. But there are also a few bots that bring a bit of wonder and poetry into your timeline.”…

…NIGHTS BOT @THE_SMALL_HOURS The Nights Bot is my all-time favorite, and the one I find myself talking to the most. This bot features fragments from Yasmine Seale’s forthcoming translation of the 1001 Nights. Seale is not only an accomplished poet and translator but the first woman to translate this important world classic to English. The snippets are almost all wonderfully short. They include: a ruin for the owls and crows to haunt And: perfumed herself, took my sword and left (I can’t wait for Yasmine’s translation to be out.)

MAGICAL REALISM BOT @MAGICALREALISMBOT The Magical Realism Bot is predictably unpredictable. Constructed by @chrisrodley and @yeldora, it generates a magical story every four hours.  It will tell you, for instance, that: In Budapest there is a book that is made of HR managers. And: A screenwriter plays a game of rock, paper, scissors with a woolly mammoth. Could happen.

From Mythic Maps to 1001 Nights: 9 of Twitter’s Delightful Lit Bots

This is an excerpt from an article written by M. Lynx Qualey