From Markella’s diary – The brassy, chatty, politically incorrect, eccentric and quintessential wife of a mobster. (If only she knew what that meant…)

…I should have mentioned to him that I heard those damn cats howling outside our house the night before …

…I don’t have it as a good thing when I hear cats howling and carrying on like that. Something bad always happens.

And this is one of those moments where I just know that my gut instinct is right. We just need to stay in touch with our gut instinct even under this stress. And our gut tells us that something just doesn’t add up in all this. But we need to stay calm, Nick said, so that he doesn’t make a wrong move. That could be a challenge.

And we are extremely stressed out, to say the least.

Usually Nick and I change the furniture around to relieve stress. It is like a breath of newness, of fresh air.

It just isn’t coming close to working as a remedy this time.

Moving the couch? I couldn’t give a shit right now if the couch is facing the wall or the window. I doubt that feng shui has a remedy for facing 30 years to life. I think I already wrote that again somewhere in this journal… I wonder what that means, if it came up twice in my mind. Whatever.

from The Red Book of Secrets – the diary of a mobster’s wife